RapidFire® Low Thermal Mass Heating Elements for Diffusion Furnaces

RapidFire® elements employ light gauge heating wire to reduce thermal mass. Our proprietary element design and insulation provide greater radiant energy transfer and longer life. RapidFire® elements reach operating temperature faster, and cool down in less time than conventional elements. The supply voltage can be tailored to existing low voltage through full line voltage. Maximum operating temperature is 1150 C.

RapidFire® elements are manufactured to the exact specifications of the original equipment for easy retrofit. Elements can be configured with three, four or five zones and any watt loading density to maximize your particular processing needs.

When your process calls for intricate preformed shapes (PFS) with excellent dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance, ../activek/Fusion-c38 fused silica shapes are the ones to choose.

This new family of fused silica products from Rex Materials is based on a unique technology and manufacturing process which permits the cost effective production of shapes to meet most design and application requirements. ../activek/Fusion-c38 products and technology permit us to supply customers with a wide range of precision-made shapes small and intricate to extremely large shapes, and shapes with complex internal structures - which do not require costly additional machining.

../activek/Fusion-c38 shapes are fused silica (98%+) that are sintered to a high temperature. Today they are used in many nonferrous applications, including but not limited to tapblocks, trough liners, filter bowls, flue port blocks, pour basins, spouts, control pins, and dipping ladles. Rex Materials ability to supply quality shapes cost-effectively enables you to use ../activek/Fusion-c38 parts in applications where ordinarily fused silica products have been too expensive. 

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