Rex History

Rex Materials has been in business for over 50 years and now represents a family of companies specializing in solving your high temperature needs. We have emerged today as a world leader in high temperature refractory shapes made from our ceramic fiber and fused silica families of materials. Our success has been driven by our material technology innovations, tooling capability, applications & design engineering expertise and state of the art manufacturing capabilities. Today, with over 100 different material formulations and 1000 different applications, we are positioned to solve your high temperature requirements. As you browse the website you will get a feel for the variety of markets, materials and products we provide.

Rex Materials uses Theory of Constraint (TOC) in combination with Lean Principles to run every aspect of our business. This allows us to deliver your product when we say we will while driving out waste and increasing productivity. Rex Materials has two production facilities, one in South Hill, Virginia and the other in Council Grove, Kansas. At our corporate headquarters in Howell, Michigan, we have a complete Tool Shop, Prototype and small volume Manufacturing Capability, a Process Development Center, R&D Laboratories, and a Design Engineering Group along with our Customer Service Center and Administration.

What sets Rex Materials apart from the competition?

Materials Technology: With a team of material scientists, Rex Materials has emerged as a world leader in ceramic fiber and fused silica material systems. We pride ourselves in giving you the right material for your application. For example, we have formulated material systems that stand up to high velocity flames while providing superior insulation. We have special non-wetting formulations for the light metals and ferrous industries. Our fused silica family of materials has been developed with specific applications in mind. Our ladle formulation is different from our troughing formulations. Talk to us about your heat problems today.

Tooling Expertise: One of the ways to ensure a successful vacuum formed or cast shape is the tooling that is used. That is why Rex Materials houses its own tooling design and prototype manufacturing center. Not only do we build our tooling right the first time, we can do it with less cost and faster than using outside services. In Michigan, we design, build and test the tooling before we ship it to our manufacturing facilities making the process of developing a new part flawless from the beginning.

Manufacturing Capability: Rex Materials' two manufacturing facilities are strategically located to minimize shipping cost. Both plants use TOC based manufacturing software that enables us to effectively manage key resources. When an order is entered at our Customer Service Center in Michigan with its required ship date, the order is automatically scheduled in the system and shows up on the computer screens at the plant, showing exactly when it needs to be started. As a result, we consistently hit 98+% on time delivery with minimal supervision or expediting! Our productivity increases year after year, keeping our cost increases to a minimum. We continue to invest in the right equipment to keep our facilities state of the art so we remain the most competitive producer in North America.

Design Engineering: Our Michigan facility also houses our Design and Process Engineering Group. We continually design a variety of products from very complex items such as Metal Delivery Systems to small combustion systems to specialty ceramic fiber heaters. Our engineers have the latest design software, tools and experience to help us quickly design a part or system that works, the first time!

Application Expertise: Our experienced field representatives are experts at diagnosing an application to quickly evaluate whether our teams can help you solve your problem. See for yourself. Contact Rex Materials today to discuss your heat problem.

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