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Rex TCS™

Thermal Control Solution
for Plastic Extruders & Injection Molders

Extruders and injection molders live in a dilemma when it comes to controlling the temperature of the barrel. High energy costs of heating, high maintenance cost, especially of water cooling, slow response time and poor temperature control! The new Rex TCS™, Thermal Control Solution, is a revolutionary heat and cool system for the barrels of your plastic extrusion or injection molding machine that eliminates this dilemma! The radiant heaters are embedded into our high temperature ceramic insulation so all of the heat goes directly into the barrel making the heat cycle much more energy efficient and faster without having to maintain tight contact. Our unique cooling system draws ambient air directly across the barrel for faster cooling. The system allows you to direct the waste hot air to enable you to heat your plant or keep it cooler by exhausting the air. You can also use the hot air to preheat the resins. The following details the benefits of the TCS System:

Save Up to 70% on
Energy Cost

The Rex TCS™ heater’s high radiant energy release from the exposed element directs all of the heat into the barrel. Complete Barrel coverage assures that the heat is contained, heating your barrel faster with up to 70% less energy. With today’s electricity rates, the TCS system will substantially reduce your energy bills and pay for itself many times over!

Faster Response Time

Unlike Ceramic band, aluminum finned cast and water cooled heaters that must first heat themselves before conducting heat into the barrels, The Rex TCS™ heaters transfer heat immediately giving you faster response times. We have demonstrated up to 55% faster heat up time, which translates directly to increased productivity.

Maintenance Free Cooling

The Rex TCS™ system has a unique air cooling system that utilizes a specially designed blower encased in a sound absorbing housing. This quiet system draws ambient air directly across the barrel and underneath the heater giving instant cooling. The blowers are designed for start/stop operations and durability. Unlike water cooling where corrosion is an issue, this cooling system will give you years of maintenance free operation saving you significant $$$ in maintenance cost.

Tighter Temperature Control

The Rex TCS™ system’s direct radiant heating and direct air cooling results in faster response to changing barrel conditions, reducing overshoot and heat transfer lag time resulting in tighter temperature control even at very high operating temperatures. We have demonstrated control of +/-1 °F and believe you would be able to achieve better than this if necessary. Tighter control means less scrap and variability in product performance.

Direct the Hot Air

Want to heat your plant during the winter? Want to vent the hot air during the summer? With the Rex TCS™ system you have the option. We can save you considerable cost on your cooling or heating bills by directing the hot air to where you want it! The heat removed from the barrel passes thru the blower discharge port and can be hooked up to an exhaust or preheated system.

Safer Operation

Since the Rex TCS™ system has high temperature ceramic insulation, it is relatively cool compared to all other types of heaters adding a dimension of safety to your facility. Eliminate the risk of burns to your employees.

More Operator Comfort

Conventional heaters release as much heat into the working environment as they do into the barrel. The Rex TCS™ system substantially reduces the amount of heat loss to your environment making it very comfortable to work around and saving you $$$ on your air conditioning cost.

Simple Design

The Rex TCS™ System is very simple to install and remove. Its unique design has the heating sections strapped together with high-quality Velcro. Just undo the Velcro and wrap the heater around the barrel and you are ready to hook it up, it is just that easy!

Eliminate Spare Part Inventory

The Rex TCS™ Heaters are designed to operate at much higher temperatures than those found in plastic processing and utilize proven industrial heater technology which translates to extremely long life. Each band heater assembly consists of a series of segmented heaters wired together in series so if one section does have a problem all you have to do is replace that section. Your inventory of heaters will go down to a few heater sections. With our quick turn around times, heater sections can be shipped within days so the need for stocking lots of parts on the shelf is over!



  • Bonded Ceramic Fiber Insulation
  • Up to 70% Energy Savings
  • Does not Heat Plant
  • No Burns or Safety Issues
  • Tighter Temperature Control
  • Uniform Heating
  • High Radiant Energy
  • 30 to 50% Faster Heat Up Time
  • Tighter Temperature Control
  • Exposed Heating Elements
  • Long Heater Life
  • Tighter Temperature Control
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Velocity Air Flow
  • No Maintenance of Water Cooled Systems
  • Faster Cooling Response Time
  • Tighter Temperature Control
  • Uniform Cooling
  • Direct Waste Heat
  • Waste Heat can be Reclaimed or Exhausted Outside
  • Simple Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Repair
  • Heavy Gauge High Temp Wire
  • Long Life
  • High Temperature Capability


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Faster & more effective air cooling directly on the barrel. Do not have to cool the band heaters or aluminum clamshells first. Does not depend on maintaining good barrel contact to conduct heat away from barrel.

High Radiant Energy release from exposed element permits much faster heat up and response time than conductive type band heaters. Does not depend on maintaining good barrel contact to conduct heat to the barrel.


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Under various state Energy Incentive Plans, customers installing the Rex TCS System may be able to receive more than 50% of the installed cost in rebates and incentives. Click here for details.




"Original" Segmented design

  "New" Clam Shell Design

  "New" Clam Shell Design - Easier, more Efficient Installations

       Clam Shell Design - Accommodates Barrel "Outer Diameters" Ranging from 2.5" to 12"

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