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newRMG introduces E-Z FOAM . An aluminum resistant foam back up insulation 

   Introducing RapidFire® Low Mass Heating elements for diffusion furnaces

RMG has appointed Milacron SERVTEK as the exclusive distributor of the TCS product line in North America for all plastic injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications.OEM's please contact RMG directly. contact

Rex Materials has developed over one hundred unique proprietary PYROLITE®  vacuum formed ceramic fiber material formulations to solve a wide variety of application problems with temperatures up to 3000°F. We can manufacture products with densities from 12 pcf to 50 pcf using a number of different ceramic fiber types, fillers, and binder chemistries.

  • Traditional Silica-Starch compositions
  • Totally Inorganic compositions
  • High Alumina and 97% Alumina compositions
  • Pre-shrunk and Sintered compositions
  • Formulations non-wetted by non-ferrous
    molten metals
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