TCS Electrical Connections

Electric Power Supply Lines from existing Heater Band are easily adapted to TCS

A single TCS Section ("Band") will often replace 2-3 traditional Heater Bands.  Unused power leads can be capped or removed entirely

Supply Voltage must be specified during TCS System Design, as TCS will be Engineered to be compatible with the incumbent heating system's Voltage

Note that a single TCS "Band" is supplied in two, Half Cylinders and these two Halves can be wired in Series or Parallel, depending on the application

If the Halves are to be wired in Parallel, the Design Voltage of the TCS Halves must be equal to that of the Supply Voltage

If the Halves are to be Wire in Series, the Design Voltage of the TCS Halves must be half that of the Supply Voltages

Changes associated with heater programming, sensing or activating (relays) are not necessary

TCS is supplied with 18", Flying Leads consisting of 10 GA MGT Wire

Junction Boxes, which are secured in place using the existing TCS straps, are provided for the electrical connections

If machine is equipped with Heater Burnout Detection, adjustments must be made if/when discontinuing the use of power leads

Select machines, including newer Engel machines, may have lower amperage limits.  In these cases, TCS Halves can be designed to be installed in Parallel however this must be identified during the design phase

A single zone can contain both a conventional band heater and a TCS section, however unless the two heaters have the exact same wattage rating, they must be wired in Parallel to one another.  (The 2 halves of the TCS section can still be wired in Series or Parallel, depending on the rated Voltage)


TCS Halves - Series or Parallel


Examples of Electrical Connections

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