FibeRex Ladles

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Rex Materials offers a complete line of ceramic fiber ladles. Rex's FibeRex™ ladles are formed around a metal perforated skeleton, making them very difficult to break. The specially formulated PYROLITE® fiber has a very low thermal mass, is extremely insulating, and requires no pre-heating. Using this ladle will dramatically reduce the heat loss of the metal allowing you to reduce the holding furnace temperature. The non-wetting features of the material dramatically reduce metal build up on the ladle, saving you $$ in scrap metal and leaving your casting area clean. Best of all, FibeRex ladles can be repaired with our Pyroform E-Z Fill™  caulking and re-coated with our Pyroform Sealer. The better you take care of them, the longer they last! Our special non-wetting coating adheres longer, requiring less frequent reapplication than that of iron ladles.

FibeRex ladles are available in standard sizes or custom shapes. Mounting brackets and hangers are available to fit any robot.




  • High Insulating Fiber Structure
  • Extremely Low Metal Heat Loss
  • Low Metal & Oxide Build Up
  • Reduces Holding Furnace Temperatures Saving Costly Energy
  • Repairable With Pyroform E-Z Fill
  • Metal Cage Inner Skeleton
  • Strong, Non-Breakable
  • Low Thermal Mass
  • Less Energy Taken Out Of Metal.
  • No Pre-Heating Required
  • Energy Savings & A Safer Work Environment
  • Low Coefficient Of Expansion
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Repair your Ladles with Pyroform E-Z Fill non-wetting patch compound. Pyroform E-Z Fill is a caulkable fiber patch compound that is used to repair FibeRex ladles. Simply remove any sealer in the repair area and 1/2 around the repair area. Remove any oxide, debris, or other contaminants in the repair area. Patch the area with Pyroform E-Z Fill - making sure that the Pyroform E-Z Fill is mounded in excess of the finish surface. Allow drying (typically 4-6 hours air dry) NOTE: Drying can be accelerated using low heat (300ºF max). Sand smooth using 80-100 grit paper. Re-coat with Pyroform Sealer, allow to dry and you are ready to go! Pyroform Sealer is a surface preparation agent specifically formulated to assist in the resistance of molten aluminum attack. Pyroform E-Z Fill is available in tubes or in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers. Pyroform Sealer is sold in 1-gallon containers.

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