TCS Incentives

Incentives are often offered by Utilities for Implementing Energy Saving Technologies 

See Energy.Gov for a complete listing of US Incentives, by State

Incentives may equal as much as 50% of the Purchase Price of TCS


Example: Southern California Edison

​Provides $0.08 / kWh for first year of Operation plus $150.00 per total kW Saved, capped at 50% Overall Project Cost

Heater Band consumes 10 kW/hr

TCS consumes 7 kW/hr

TCS Saves 3 kW/hr

Assume Equipment Operates 8,000 hrs/year then TCS Saves 24,000 kW/hrs

Incentive would pay 24,000 x $0.08 = $1,920


3 x $150 = $450

Total: $2,370

Incentive is capped at 50% of the System, so in this case, if the system cost was $4,000, the incentive would be limited to $2,000

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