Light Metals

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Rex Materials specializes in providing metal delivery solutions for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other light metal processors. We have developed specialty formulations in our Pyroform™, PYROLITE®, FUSIO2N (Fusion) of materials to optimize life, insulation, thermal properties, non-wetting properties and ease of maintenance. We pride ourselves in putting the right material in the right application to meet and exceed your needs. 

Wagstaff Table

Wagstaff Table Top Refractory


Metal Delivery Systems

 Troughs & Launders  

Troughs and Launders

Control Pins and Spouts

Control Pins

Heated Covers

Launder Pre-Heating Covers


Auto Dams


Auto Dams


Filter Boxes & Bowls

Filter Boxes & Bowls

Refractory Repair Products


E-Z Foam


E-Z Foam



Ladles and


Pour Basins

 Tundish and Headboxes

Tundish & Headboxes

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