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About Pyroform


About FUSIO2N (Fusion)

Rex Materials specializes in providing metal delivery solutions for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other light metal processors. We have developed specialty formulations in our Pyroform™, Pyrolite®, FUSIO2N (Fusion) of materials to optimize life, insulation, thermal properties, non-wetting properties and ease of maintenance. We pride ourselves in putting the right material in the right application to meet and exceed your needs. 

Pyroform™, a special material that gives a unique combination of thermal insulating properties and durability, is the only material that is approved by Wagstaff for use in their billet and rolling slab casting tables. The reason they use Pyroform is can obtain the lowest heat loss across the table, ease of maintenance, and long life.   insulating properties keep the steel frame cool, prevent it from warping. Pyroform is also the best thermal insulating refractory you can get for your metal delivery systems and launders.  In addition to its outstanding thermal insulation properties, Pyroform enables you to reduce your energy bills while improving your metal quality and employee safety. Click here to learn more about why Pyroform™ is the material of choice for your metal delivery needs.

Our special moldable, Pyroform E-Z Fill™ is the preferred high temperature moldable because of its workability, extremely low thermal shrinkage, excellent strength, and non-wetting properties.  Pyroform Sealer is a surface preparation agent for Pyroform refractory products specifically formulated to assist in the resistance of molten aluminum attack. Pyroform Extender is an all-purpose refractory joint and patch compound that works well for repairs.  E-Z Foam is a superior insulating foam backup material. E-Z to mix, E-Z to install! Specially developed for Pyroform HP Wagstaff table parts, Pyroform and Fusion launder, CFF, degasser and other applications, E-Z Foam was developed with the end user in mind. It has mixing time and longer working time than traditional foam back up materials. Using much less water, dry out times are faster, allowing equipment to be used sooner. This technology holds the refractory in place, reducing crack propagation. E-Z Foam is non-wetting to aluminum, stopping "metal” leaks.

FUSIO2N (Fusion), an outstanding fused silica family of materials, was developed to optimize of your refractory without compromising thermal insulation properties.  The Fusion family of materials is based on high purity fused silica casting technology.  High purity means lower density which means better insulating properties.  All Fusion materials for light metals have a non-wetting agent added which keeps the aluminum from sticking.  Fusion grain sizes are smaller than traditional cement bonded fused silica giving greater wear resistance.  RMG developed special formulations for different applications.

Fusion SL was developed for use launder applications with medium to high flow rates. It is also used in our filter bowls. Fusion SL has outperformed the competition in these applications in terms of life, crack resistance and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Fusion SA is a finer grain structure for use in thimble, ladles, pour basins, dams and many other applications. 

Fusion SP is a special formulation used for control pins and spouts. SP resist attack from high alkali alloys.  It has demonstrated long life and is easier to clean than other fused silica. Many Corporations have switched to this material across all their plants.

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Pyrolite® monolithic head boxes offer sheet casters long lasting with outstanding performance. They are , non-wetting to molten aluminum and easy to handle making life easier for the operator. They have also saved sheet casters significant dollars by eliminating the labor involved in the effort to construct their own head boxes from board products, freeing time for more value-added activity. 


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