Lost Foam & Foundry

Rex Materials is a leader in manufacturing high temperature refractory and insulating parts for the delivery of molten metal to the mold in a wide variety of foundry casting technologies. Our PYROLITE® fiber pour cones deliver molten metal to the foam pattern in iron and aluminum lost foam foundries. 

Our FUSiO2N family of high purity silica materials are used to make pour basins and ladles for aluminum foundry applications. These products are extremely thermal shock resistance, non-wetting, long lasting, and economical. Aluminum lost foam foundries depend on our pour basins and ladles to maintain metal temperature and prevent metal build up or oxides in the basins and ladles for higher quality castings. See Die Casting for more information concerning pour basins and ladles for that application.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities produces a low cost, straight, lightweight, thin, pour cone in lengths from a few inches up to 56 inches. Our designs prevent metal vortexing and a more laminar flow of the metal for high quality castings. Also, talk to us about our unique capabilities and pour cone designs that will allow you to improve metal yield, increase your melt capacity without more investment, and save thousands of dollars. 

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