RapidFire® Low Thermal Mass Heating Elements for Diffusion Furnaces

RapidFire® elements, a new and patent pending product, employ light gauge heating wire to reduce thermal mass. Our proprietary design, material and insulation provide great radiant energy transfer and longer life while saving energy and having a lower shell temperature. RapidFire elements reach operating temperatures faster, and cool down in less time than traditional elements. The supply voltage can be tailored to existing low voltage through full line voltage. Maximum operating temperature is 1150ºC. 

RapidFire elements have shown to use up to 40% less energy and reduced shell temperatures, all at a very competitive price! Every RapidFire Heater is manufactured under strict guidelines and tested to ensure you get a quality product. RapidFire elements are manufactured to the exact specifications of the original equipment for easy retrofit. Elements can be configured with three, four or five zones and any watt loading density to maximize your individual processing needs. RapidCool™ options are now available.


Advantages of RapidFire:

  • Lower Initial Costs
  • Up to 40% Energy Savings
  • Higher Stability of Temperature in Flat Zone
  • Reduced Steel Shell Temperature
  • Long Life and reliability


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