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Thermal Control Solution (TCS) is a revolutionary product capable of bringing immediate value to Plastics companies.  It simultaneously addresses several key operational performance metrics, with minimal risk.  

TCS Heater Halves

  • Decreases Energy Consumption
  • Increases Machine Up-Time
  • Improves Processing Consistency
  • Improves Employee Safety and Comfort
  • Provides an 18-24 Month Return on Investment


​RMG’s patented system replaces inefficient, traditional band heaters with thermally insulated radiant heating elements embedded in high temperature insulation. The system effectively and efficiently directs heat into the melt, with minimum loss or waste to the surrounding area.

Radiant Heating combined with Heat Containment allows TCS to reduce energy costs associated with barrel heating by an average of 40%, resulting in an Return on Investment of 18 to 24 months depending on energy cost.


Reduces Operating Costs

Consistently Reduces Barrel Heater Energy Consumption by an Average of 40%

Reduces Air Conditioning Load in Climate Controlled Environments 


Improves Quality

Quicker Response Time combined with More Efficient Energy Transfer (to the melt) Substantially Reduces Temperature Fluctuations.


Improves Machine Utilization

Barrel Reaches Operating Temperature in less than half the time with TCS, Improving Machine Utilization


Improves Safety

TCS Insulation Directs Heat toward the Barrel leaving Exterior Cool to the Touch

Introduces No Operational Risk

TCS Employs Existing Programs and Controls so there is no need to change Controls, SSR’s, Fuses, or Programs

Introduces No Financial Risk

TCS pays for itself with a typical Return on Investment of 18-24 months.

Improves Work Environment and Operator Comfort

TCS substantially reduces the heat introduced to the environment, improving working conditions

Optional Cooling Feature Speeds Cool Down  

TCS offers a unique air cooling system utilizing specially designed blowers, encased in durable, protective, sound absorbing housing, to allow rapid cool down for material changes or maintenance

The heat can be directed out of a temperature controlled environment, such as a clean room, reducing Air Conditioning load, and further reduce power consumption.

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