Products for Heat Processing Equipment in the Semiconductor and Solar Industries

Rex Materials Group manufactures a variety of materials and products for use in furnaces and other heat processing equipment used in the Semiconductor and Solar industries. Rex Materials is a long-time manufacturer of insulation products used in numerous heat processing applications worldwide. We manufacture all our own materials in our two USA located plants and have extensive fabrication capabilities as well as engineering, technical, and product development support.


Pyrolite™ Ceramic Fiber Heating Elements—Rex Materials has been manufacturing ceramic fiber heating elements since 1973. Initially we focused on the appliance, laboratory equipment, and Industrial furnace markets. We wind our own wire and have specialty design elements that deliver more watts per in² than traditional elements. Designed to last, we have numerous element system available. 

Ceramic Fiber Board—Rex Materials offers hundreds of ceramic fiber materials that can be customized to meet your needs. In both organic and inorganic (no smoke) materials, we can give you the best formulation for your application. We have complete CNC capability to meet your specific requirements.

Fused Silica Foam—Non-dusting, highly insulating, IR reflective, fiber free, fully machinable.


End Blocks and Vestibule Blocks—CNC machined ceramic fiber to provide precise dimensions and tolerances.

Insulation Kits for IR Belt Furnaces—CNC machined ceramic fiber or Fused Silica Foam to provide precise dimensions and tolerances.

Ceramic Fiber Heating Elements for Vertical and Horizontal Diffusion Furnaces– Easily assembled elements and proprietary element systems provide long life and precise temperature control.

RapidFire™ elements, a new and patent pending product, employ light gauge heating wire to reduce thermal mass. Our proprietary design, material and insulation provide great radiant energy transfer and longer life while saving energy and having a lower shell temperature. RapidFire™ elements reach operating temperatures faster, and cool down in less time than traditional elements. The supply voltage can be tailored to existing low voltage through full line voltage. Maximum operating temperature is 1150ºC. 

RapidFire™ elements have shown to use up to 40% less energy and reduced shell temperatures, all at a very competitive price! Every RapidFire Heater is manufactured under strict guidelines and tested to ensure you get a quality product. RapidFire™ elements are manufactured to the exact specifications of the original equipment for easy retrofit. Elements can be configured with three, four or five zones and any watt loading density to maximize your individual processing needs. Rapid Cooling Options are now available.


Specialty Heating Elements—Flat panels and a variety of shapes for vapor generators, and other high temperature chambers.

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