System Configuration / Hardware

TCS can be provided either as Engineered Kits, designed specifically to defined Barrel Diameters and Zone Lengths, or as Standardized parts offered in incremental Lengths and Inside Diameters

Employing Standardized TCS parts can speed and simplify the implementation process and may provide added flexibility as identical TCS parts may be used on many machines throughout the facility

TCS Sections are defined by Voltage, Length and Diameter, though Power, Amperage Limits and Space Constraints must also be verified

Voltage, Power and Amps


TCS will be designed to conform to the incumbent heater supply voltage

NOTE:  TCS is provided in (2) Half Cylinders which can be wired in series or parallel to one another.

If wired in Parallel, the TCS halves will be designed to a voltage equal to that of the Supply Voltage 

If wired in Series, the TCS halves will be designed to a voltage equal to half that of the Supply Voltage

Default is to engineer TCS to be wired in Series


Requirement is defined by cumulative power of all heater bands in each zone, multiplied by the % On-Time of that zone, during the most demanding machine/tool set-up

TCS is typically provided with a power rating of 80% that of the incumbent heater bands as the added efficiency and heat containment reduces the requirement

TCS parts rated at even less than 80% that of the incumbent heater bands may be employed if the % On-Time of a Zone is low


Select machines limit the allowable current provided to the barrel heating system via a breaker

This is somewhat typical on newer Engel machines

The maximum allowed current should be compared to the value of the Design Current of the TCS Heaters, which is shown in the Part Description for any given voltage/size configuration

Diameter and Length

TCS can be supplied to customer requirements, in terms of Inside Diameter and Length.  

Ranges include:

  • TCS Inside Diameter (Barrel Outside Diameter): 100mm - 355mm
  • TCS Length: 150mm - 400mm

Standard TCS Sizes - Diameter and Length

TCS is also supplied in Standard, Incremental size, in term of Inside Diameter and Length


TCS Inside Diameter is adjusted to Barrel Outside Diameter using a high-temperature gasket material

TCS sizes, for a defined range of Barrel sizes, are provided below


TCS Section Length is generally defined by Zone length, however if the Zone is broken up by interference, such as a barrel support, each requisite TCS Section Length must be defined separately

System are designed to employ the longest TCS length available, for any given space, to optimize barrel coverage and hence heat containment

Effort should be made to install adjacent TCS sections in contact with one another, and without tgaps. However gaps may result due to interference such as barrel supports or rigging bosses Insulative Spacers (see below) can be provided to improve barrel coverage

Standard TCS Incremental Diameters


Standard TCS Incremental Lengths




Straps and Cable Trays are typically kitted and sold with TCS sections under one-part number, while Gasket Material (required if Standarized TCS sections are employed) and Junction Boxes must be ordered separately

Insulative spacers can be provided with kits, or ordered separately  

Electrical Connectors (Posi-Lock) and high-temperature shrink wrap is provided with all TCS sections  


Available in (3) Sizes based on TCS Inside Diameter

TCS Inside Diameter < 228mm (9”)

TCS Inside Diameter 229mm - 330mm (9”-13”)

TCS Inside Diameter >330mm (13”)


Straps include Metal Tab which is used with the worm gear to secure the Cable Trays in place

Straps are Teflon Coated to prevent damage to the exterior coating of the TCS Sections during installation or removal

Cable Trays

Available in 30 cm, 45 cm and 70 cm long Options (12”, 18”, 28”)

Gasket Material/Kit

Gasket Kits available with either 100 or 500 linear feet of gasket material and securing devices

Amount of gasket material required depends on the difference between the Barrel OD and TCS ID

Gasket material is 1.6mm thick (0.0625") and may be wrapped around the barrel as many as 8 times to adapt the TCS to the barrel

Gasket material is 25 mm wide (1") and TCS touch points are 12.5 mm wide (0.5"), so the gasket will fit across two adjacent TCS Sections

Insulative Spacers

Spacers, sized in accordance with the selected TCS Sections, are available in 32mm (1.25") widths, to improve barrel coverage and heat containment


Standardized TCS parts do not contain Cooling Channels, and as such, Cooling Option is not available.  If cooling is required please contact an RMG Representative.  System can be designed for Future Cooling upon request

83mm (3.25”) of Clearance is required around the entire circumference of the Barrel

Thermocouple Extensions, which are required due to the thickness of TCS, must be purchased separately, typically from the Machine Manufacturer or Spare Parts provider

 Cable Tray Organizes and Protects Electrical Lines and Connections


Gasket Materials provides a secure fit between the Barrel Outside Diameter and the TCS Inside Diameter, when using Standard TCS Parts

Straps Secure the System onto the Barrel and hold Cable Tray in Place



Metal Tab on Straps (arrow #2)
is used in conjunction with
Worm Gear (arrow #1)
to hold the Cable Tray in place











Spacers, 32mm wide (1.25") can be added where necessary to better insulate the Barrel or to allocate space for Future Cooling Rings (see "Design for Future Cooling" on Cooling Page)


It is highly recommended to review the TCS Installation Instructions, and TCS Gasket Installation Instructions prior to specifying or approving configurations

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