System Design

Please see the Video below for a Summary of the Design Process for TCS



TCS Part Specification

TCS can be provided either as Engineered Kits, designed specifically to defined Barrel Diameters, Zone Lengths, and Supply Voltage, or as Standardized parts offered in incremental Lengths and Diameters

TCS characteristics are defined much like traditional heater bands.  Parameter to be defined include:     

Barrel Outside Diameter, Zone Length, and Supply Voltage (V)

A single TCS heater may replace several traditional band heaters, and because adjacent sections of TCS should be installed with little or no gap, the overall zone width must be defined

Adjacent TCS sections should be installed with little or no gap between them to minimize heat loss

Four additional characteristics are needed to ensure optimum benefit from the installed TCS system:

Power Rating of the Heaters currently Installed on the Barrel

Percent On-Time of each Zone

Any Amperage Limits associated with the Power Leads Supplying each Zone

Verification of Adequate Clearance around the Barrel​



Slide Show below shows Examples of Interference which must be considered when specifying TCS lengths and verifying clearance (83 mm).  Click on Slide Show to Enlarge Images.

TCS is designed for both heat delivery and heat containment and as such has a larger Outside Diameter than traditional band heaters

83mm (3.25") clearance is necessary to ensure TCS fits onto the application






If interference exists, beveled or reduced diameter TCS parts can specified


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