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Auto Dams

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Auto dams provide accurate metal stoppage and metal direction flow control. Auto dams are supplied ready to install on many Rex Materials High-Performance Metal Delivery Systems.

Auto Dam in operation

Dam assemblies use robust four-inch diameter, dual acting cylinders and are provided with replaceable dam inserts, gasket material, air regulator and flow control. Dams are equipped with solenoid valves for applications requiring increased automation. 

A major benefit of Rex Materials' Auto Dams is the reduced operator exposure to metal. This is especially true for emergency draining of the launder system, where 'hands off', remote control keeps the operators away from cascading metal and where fast response is critical.




  • Push button control
  • Safety and ergonomics
  • Dual-acting, non-rotating air cylinder
  • Repeatable seating, no misalignment
  • Combination air solenoid/flow control
  • Adjustable speed and damming pressure
  • Replaceable  dam
  • Low cost, non-wetting
  • Replaceable gasket rope
  • Low cost, multiple use

Auto Dam Components

Auto dam assemblies are designed to be strong and durable. They easily fit existing steel work. Safety guards are provided and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The design provides trouble free, safe, precise control of your metal.

Auto Dam Control

Controls provide easy hands-free operation and accurate flow control. Available with either manual, push button or PLC interface, this system can be easily integrated into your automated casting system.

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