TCS Data Submission - Quote and Return on Investment Request

TCS Barrel Heating Systems are available in both Standard Size increments, and as Engineered Kits, specifically designed for a select machine/barrel

TCS can be fit on either the entire barrel or selectively on those zones which consume the most energy

Machines which are shut down weekly or daily benefit greatly from rapid heat-up rate supported by TCS

To request a Quote and Return on Investment Calculation

Download and complete the TCS Data Submission form - provided below in many languages

E-mail the completed form to your TCS Representative

If Cooling or Design for Future Cooling is Required, this must be noted on the submission form

Instructions for completing the form are below 

RMG can verify design if barrel drawings, showing interference (barrel supports/nozzle shut-off valve, etc.) and heater schematics are provided

Quote will be returned with a System Drawing for approval prior to manufacture 

Please see the video below, for instruction on requesting a Quote and ROI.














Download Data Submission Form

Inspect Machine, Identify Zones, and Determine where TCS can offer the most benefit in terms of Energy Savings and Interference


Sketch current system, noting all interference that is within 83 mm (3.25") of barrel

Interference may  include barrel supports, nozzle shut-off valve hardware or rigging bosses

Please See Slide Show Below on Interference

Include thermocouple locations and thermocouple clocking position in the sketch 


Populate Top portion of Table

Submit to your TCS Representative



Slide Show below shows Examples of Interference which must be considered when specifying TCS lengths and verifying clearance (83 mm).  Click on Slide Show to Enlarge Images.

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