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Control Pins and Spouts

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FUSiO2N SP from Rex Materials is the ideal material for control pins and spouts for rolling ingot casting operations. It’s extremely fine-grained, sintered composition of high purity fused silica provides both outstanding wear properties and excellent thermal shock resistance. Special non-wetting properties, plus a factory coating of BN, prevent metal sticking and attack by aluminum and other molten metals. 

The lower thermal mass and conductivity minimize the chance of freeze-ups during the start or at low metal flow rates. Our special FUSiO2N SP process allows us to offer this outstanding performance at a very reasonable price.



  • Low Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance & Dimensional Stability
  • Low Thermal Mass & Conductivity
  • Thermal Insulation, Minimizes Temperature Loss
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Long Life, Corrosion Resistance
  • High Hardness
  • Long Life, Wear Resistance
  • Unique Cast Technology
  • Cost Effective, Complex Shape Capability
  • Fine Grain Structure
  • High Strength



FUSiO2N represents a family of high purity fused silica materials tailored to achieve optimum properties required for molten metal applications. FUSiO2N products are precision cast into a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from small and intricate to extremely large, including shapes with complex internal features – typically without the need for costly machining.

FUSiO2N is made from fused silica that has been sintered to a high temperature. Today it is used in many non-ferrous applications, including but not limited to, tapblocks, trough liners, filter bowls, flue port blocks, pour basins, spouts, control pins, dipping and ladles. Rex Materials’ ability to supply quality shapes, cost effectively, enables you to use FUSiO2N parts in applications where ordinarily fused silica products have been too expensive. Our special FUSiO2N SP process allows us to offer this outstanding performance at a very reasonable price.

FUSiO2N SP pins and spouts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different designs are offered to give you the best sealing capability for your specialized application.

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