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TCS Cooling

TCS is available with an optional cooling system, designed to pull high-velocity air directly over the surface of the barrel, efficiently removing excess heat, and exhausting the heat where desired

NOTE: Cooling option must be specified during initial design 

Ambient air is drawn through the system, directly over the barrel, by a high temperature vacuum

Active or Manually Operated Cooling

TCS Cooling can be Installed either as Active Cooling or Manually Activated Cooling

Active Cooling:

Machine Control system activates blowers individually in each zone, according to the program and the thermocouple associated with that zone

Manually Activated

Cooling is activated by a manual switch

TCS Blower is typically fitted on one end of the barrel, pulling air down the entire length of the barrel, through all zones

Multiple blowers can be used to increase air flow and speed cool down

Cooling Channels on TCS must be aligned, and TCS sections must be adjacent

Breaks in the TCS Heaters, due to obstructions such as barrel supports, do not allow the air to be pulled down the entire length of the barrel, and hence create the need for multiple cooling rings.

Three Levels of Cooling: Minimum, Moderate, Maximum

Blower Specifications

Physical Dimensions:

43 cm x 35.5 cm x 48 cm

Optional 10 cm feet for installation

17” x 14” x 19”

Optional 4” feet for Installation

Airflow Rate: 240 CFM

Blower Voltage: 208V-230V

Control Signal Voltage: 208-230V

Power Supply to Blower should be Fused to 10 amps

Recommend mounting 18-24” above the machine

Rate of airflow, and therefore rate of heat removal, are dependent on many factors including barrel/TCS Dimensions

Suggested Power Supply Hardware (Not Included with Kit)

Versa-Mount UL Class Fuse Block, Class J 600 VAC/VDC, 1-30 Amp, 1 Pole

UL Class J Time-Delay Fuse, 600 VAC, 10 Amps

Technical Information, including Schematics, for the Blower can be found on the Resources and Forms Page.  


Design for Future Cooling

TCS Systems can be designed without Cooling, but with features which allow the Rapid Cool Down option to be added later, without a major Design Change


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