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Pour Cones

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Rex Materials has manufactured pour cones since the lost foam process started back in the 1980's. Pour cones drastically reduce porosity, increasing the quality of the casting. Rex Materials manufactures a variety of different sizes and shapes of pour cones for delivering iron, steel, or aluminum to the lost foam polystyrene pattern. Our parts have also been used to deliver metal in no-bake foundry applications. We have developed thin walled, straight cones that minimize the amount of metal left in the cone after casting, which saves money in remelt cost. Our unique geometries minimize turbulence and pour times. Sizes can range from a few inches in length to a single monolithic shape up to 56". Assemblies are also available. Often, we can find a size and shape that can be used to quickly test and evaluate our parts. If not, we will be happy to work with you to design a part to fit your needs. Our latest manufacturing technology allows for affordable parts for even the most cost-conscious buyer.




  • Designed To Improve Casting Yields
  • Significantly Reduced Metal Need & Increased Capacity
  • Thin Wall Construction
  • Light Weight And Easy To Handle
  • Cleaner Sand From Less Fiber
  • Minimizes Hydroscopic Moisture Preventing Metal Spit Back
  • Uniformity Of Tip ID's
  • Excellent Fit To Foam Buttons
  • Interiors Cleaned Of Loose Fiber
  • Prevents Potential For Fibrous Inclusion
  • Cup Designed With Flat Side
  • Prevents Vortexing Metal
  • Designs To Accommodate A Strainer Core Or Foam Filter
  • Increases Laminar Flow, Removing Impurities, For Higher Quality Castings
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